Monday, February 28, 2011

Ink Filled Relationships

Here in this time of stillness
In this dark time of pause and suspension
I understand now when my professor said
His friends were found in books.

Augustine has become my soul mate
My bedfellow, Rilke, while Rumi remains my gentleman caller.
(They've said little as to minding the fact that they're shared)
Somehow, Kierkegaard has soared through time and space and climbed into my soul, robbed me of my thoughts, and stole away back to 19th century Denmark to write them down in a much more complicated manner. I think. I don't know. There's a good chance I have misunderstood.

Nonetheless, these and others like them, in more contemporary times
Ms. Lamott, Mr. Miller, I'm looking at you
Their words sing to my soul
Sweet songs of the familiarity
of sorrow surrounding, hope unabashed, beauty's embrace,
and the general wonder of God, man, and all in between.
They are welcome friends.

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