Thursday, June 2, 2011

100th Post-An Announcement

Well well well, it seems like I've reached a relatively minor milestone. This, friends, is my 100th post on waitawaitabide. I was trying to think of some clever way of celebrating this "momentous occasion," like trying to summarize my blog in 100 words or writing a cutesy little poem using "100" in each line or stanza or something. But I'm tossing those ideas to the wind. I’m instead using my 100th post to make my little announcement promised in my last post.
So here it is: in an effort to remind myself of the non-sucky aspects of Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas, as well as to clue residents and passers-by in to these places, I'm starting a website, writing about the non-sucky aspects of Sioux Falls. 
Most of you know that I keep trying to flee Sioux Falls and keep accidentally ending up back here. Well, I’ve decided for the time being that it’s too exhausting to keep fighting and trying to leave. And after a visit from my friend Ray from Alaska a few weeks ago, I was reminded that I really enjoy sharing the places I love around here with folks from elsewhere. Thus, the website idea was born in an effort to share the cool local places Sioux Falls does indeed have to offer.  It will have reviews of restaurants, coffee shops, shops, bars, places of interest, and outdoor locations. I use the term “review” loosely, because I’m not so much critiquing these places as just sharing what they are like and why folks should check them out. The website will also have a section called “Sioux Falls Submits,” where people can send in memories of Sioux Falls and the region, as well as their own creative writing and photographs.
And to be quite honest, another reason I’m starting this website is so that some fancy writer folks will stumble upon it and decide to pay me gobs of money to either continue in the website or come write for them. (Ahem…Dear Argus Leader…You are lacking in quality writing and local features. Please hire me. “The Link,” could use some work.)
I’m shooting for something like a mid-July launch date. I need to write quite a few more pieces and figure out the whole setting up of the website thing. 
Anyway, I’m really looking forward to my upcoming venture. Any help, writing, or advice would come in handy. To give you an idea of how features on the site will read, what follows below is the first piece I’ve written for the site, featuring Black Sheep Coffee.

Black Sheep Coffee
Walk into Black Sheep Coffee and then stop. Stop, take a deep breath, and inhale the sweet sweet aroma that can only be coffee. Breathe it in, for that scent is one of the most comforting and pleasant scents known to humankind. You know you want it. Don’t be shy. Walk up to the counter, order yourself a warm steamy cup of Ethiopian roast or perhaps a chai, a toddy, green tea, mocha, or any other of the delectable beverages on hand, then settle in and make yourself at home.  
Once you’ve got that all enticing cup of joe in your hand, soak up the Black Sheep atmosphere. For a really good time, engage yourself in a battle to the animated death by playing Ms. Pac-Man.  The glorious time sucking joy of 1980’s memorabilia stands against the western wall begging for patrons to step right up, gobble some cherries, and flee from cutesy ghosts. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I know of no other place in Sioux Falls where you can absorb gobs of caffeine and childhood nostalgia at the very same time.
However, if chomping orbs isn’t your thing, Black Sheep is to be enjoyed for several other reasons. Settle in for a game of chess or cozy up with a book. (If you’ve forgotten your own, use one of theirs. A book shelf stands on either side of Ms. Pac-Man for your reading enjoyment. ) Take in the work of local artists or catch a set by local, regional, and national musicians. Should no musical acts be on hand that evening, never fear! The baristas will keep your head bobbing to the finest tunes or fill that very same head with valuable knowledge from NPR.
Black Sheep is one of the few places in Sioux Falls that roasts their own beans. Upon walking in, you’ll see the large red roaster, standing on guard to greet you with the promise of the freshest cup of coffee you’ll find in the city. If you’re really lucky, Corey will be ever near the monstrous machine, roasting the newly arrived beans to perfection.
If your trip to Black Sheep is during the fortunate non-winter months, sit out back on the patio to soak up the sun, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, and engross yourself in merriment of coffee, friends, and the goodness of life. Just don’t trample the garden!
So get your caffeine fix while supporting local business: go to Black Sheep Coffee. You should, Sioux Falls. You just might like it. 

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