Saturday, July 2, 2011

Every Tear is a Waterfall

Yep. Turns out I still love Coldplay.
I just moments ago finished watching the video for thier new song "Every Tear is a Waterfall." I liked it so much I apparently had to rush right on over here and write about it.
And by write, I mean process, usually. So here I go.

First...I'm going to go watch/listen to it one more time.

Yep. Still liked it. Though this time I was able to avert my eyes a bit. The first time I watched enraptured. This second time I was able to look away, not because of the bright flashy colors, but because I started thinking about the song, about music, about what this particular song means, about how dancy it is, about life.

Honestly, when I first saw the title "Every Tear is a Waterfall," I was a little hesitant. It's a pretty cheesey title. I had my doubts. I waited a while to watch the video, which would also be the first time I would hear the song. I wanted to be able to give it my full attention, and I'm often doing other things or only half awake while putzing around on this internet thing. I kind of imagined it to be a fluffy little piece about how it's okay to cry or you're beautiful just they way you are sort of thing. And I suppose those fluffy pieces have thier place. But I don't think that's the fate of this new Coldplay song. For one, it's way too danceable to be fluffy piano-y elevator crap. Unless there's a dance party in the elevator. Then it's perfect.

Bah! Coldplay is so damn hopeful! Their songs are happy and uplifting and not in the painful KLOVE way. And the word that came to mind during this song was "beauty." Perhaps because I find waterfalls to be some of the most beautiful things one earth. (Unless they're being chased...then they're a bitch.)
If every tear is a waterfall, then every single one of us emits beauty. (Some of us fairly regularly.) Beauty when we're happy. Beauty when we're sad. "You can't hurt me, hurt me bad."
Kids are dancing and there's singing coming from underneath the rubble.

No matter what, there is life, and there is beauty in that life. And here, within that life, "Heaven is in sight." and "My heart is beating and my pulses start cathedrals in my heart."
I'll leave out the excellent theology of that last line. That's a whole other thought process.

Jonny Buckland: Not that you'll ever read this, but that riff...yeah. Good job. <3

Lots of times, I wish I was a musician, because so often, music proclaims what words cannot. And so, I'll cease with the words for now and you should watch the video. And then go listen to more music or do whatever it is that moves you to soak up beauty.

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