Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Redemption Begins in Iowa

Is this Heaven?
No, it's Iowa.

Well, to political junkies, yesterday they may have been one and the same. To me, however, it's like the innermost layer of hell. Yesterday's Iowa caucuses remind me of the ugliness that is to come in the next 11 months. Of course, like passing a horrific car accident on the highway, I cannot help but stare no matter how much I want to tear my eyes away.
Okay, perhaps innermost layer of hell is a bit of a stretch. Maybe it's more like purgatory. Whatever it's like, I always end up watching election results like most people watch the Super Bowl. I just can't bring myself to turn off the television.
While surely there will be more from me about the subject in the coming months, as this rat race begins to gain momentum, I am reminded of a piece I wrote during the 2008 elections. I find it still holds true. This year, no different from any past elections, I see hoards of people holding up signs, cheering, and chanting belief that this time around, this person will be the one to make all right.   Here it is:

Dear Sirs and Madam,
As your stand there on the podium, beckoning us to believe, we lift our voices and shout our praise. We wave our “hail hosanna” cardboard signs crying victory in your name. We bow and uphold you for the promised change you jingle in your pocket. Change that will feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, provide for the needy, and lower taxes.
Your face glows as you draw us near to you and summon us to hope.
Your messianic voice cries salvation from the sin in which we’ve been forced to wallow. Your face shimmers in divine light with reflections of halos round your head.
You are the answer. You bring redemption.
We dance in the aisles, while tongues of praise pour on you as rain.
Delegates sing hymns of your glory and chant triumphant battle cries.
Your promises ring prophecies in our ears. In you we place our trust. Our hope is in you. Show us your way. Guide us in what you know of truth.
For we know that in you, all will be made right.
We will be restored.
In your name we’ll become The United States of a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come. Save us, O redeemer.
Our children nestle against your neck, raised up rightly in adoration of you. Your redemption will spread through the ages.
Tears of hope for tomorrow fall down our cheeks as you kiss our babies, grasp our hand, and lead us to the Promised Land full of milk and honey and all that we believe us to deserve.
In you, we can. With our hope in you, country first shall be last.
Those who choose you are free indeed. Let freedom ring.
Save us from our enemies. Deliver us from evil.
For yours is our kingdom, our power and glory for years,

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  1. Cynical much? Can't say that I blame you as I feel just a fed up with the whole circus that is rolling into town - though it only promises all the hangover with none of the thrills. Maybe I'm just addicted to the macabre or "hell" is more of a draw than I want to admit, but I seem to be unable to turn off the tv, radio, internet, etc.