Thursday, October 7, 2010

South Dakota Gives Way To Threadbare Sanity

Is it considered Indian Summer yet? Today...outstanding. Too nice not to sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee in the warmth of the sun. The cold cold hell of South Dakota winter will be upon us soon enough, so I must soak it up while I can.  I despise how my favorite time of year, what with pumpkins and sweaters and oranges and browns, always has the dark shadow of the impending doom of winter cast over it, ever threatening to destroy this sacred time of year without a moment's notice. One can never trust the warmth in South Dakota, outside of July and August. One day you're basking outdoors with coffee and pen, and the next your calling a plummer because your pipes froze and now your basement is flooded and your sleeping in three layers of clothes and eight blankets. I cherish the warmth of the day while living in fear that tomorrow it may be ripped away from me in a blizzard that lasts six months. This volatile state plays mind games and wreaks havoc on my already threadbare sanity.

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