Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Day

Happy Chanukah!
I know. You're (most likely) not Jewish. Neither am I.
But, should a person of Jewish faith wish me a Happy Chanukah, I would in no way be offended. They are simply offering me the best of what they know, and I would happy to recieve it.
In Korea, there were holidays that I had never pataken in celebrated all around me. Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving and the Lunar (Chinese) New Year are some examples. I am not Korean, but I celebrated them, because it was a part of who they are. I did not shudder or cringe when people wished me a happy Chuseok or Lunar New Year, even though I do not celebrate them. Once again, they were just wishing me the best of what they me a part of who they are.

This time of year, people can sometimes get up in arms about proper terminology and politically correct well wishings. Well, you know what? Merry Christmas! That's what I know, that's a huge part of who I am. In wishing Merry Christmas, am I trying to sway one's beliefs to that of my own? No, I'm simply wishing you the best from what I know and who I am.

So, what about "Happy Holidays?" Doesn't that cover everyone and therefore offend no one? Oh, that arguement makes me laugh! First of all, some one is always going to be offended, because it's in our human nature to want everything our own way. Our reality should obviously be everyone else's. Second, the word "holiday?" A holiday is (or once was) a Holy Day. So, I guess to all of my athiests friends (and yes, I have them) I'm just going to say "Happy Day!"  Because, you know, I don't want to offend them or anything. I certainly can't wish them a Happy Holiday, because, well, that would just be rude.

So, as the snow falls ouside this season, hang up your day stockings, bake some day cookies, wrap your day presents, and enjoy the day lights.
Or, share with someone a bit of who you are.
Merry Christmas, friends.

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