Thursday, December 2, 2010

Idealism? Reality? A Battle to the Death!

Yesterday's blog had a healthy dose of my idealistic side. Sadly, my idealistic side and realistic side often don't see eye to eye. Point in case: Um, I like getting Christmas presents. Who doesn't love getting Christmas presents? It's a tradition and a fun one at that. I also thoroughly enjoy giving Christmas presents to other people. And I'm not wholly convinced the getting and giving of Christmas gifts is morally wrong.
But every year for the past several years, I've seriously contemplated the whole getting Christmas presents thing. I don't need anything. Sure, there are plenty of things I want, but nothing I really need. And, as I said yesterday, That Christmas Fellow (the manger one, not the red one) urged folks to give away all of thier stuff to those in need. Every year, I think, I should just tell my family I don't want anything. Give to charity. Donate time or money to people who need it.
But, I don't.
Because, I'm selfish.
Perhaps this year, come to think of it, there is a solution...Thanks to one Mr. Blake Mycoskie (philanthropic heartthrob). Ask for toms, give toms, give kids shoes in the process. Or Ten Thousand Villages! There's a good Christmas shopping store, too. A win win situation. Tradition. Fun. Good for mankind all around. Christmas shopping/wish list seems much more in line with my idealistic side. In the battle of idealism vs reality, I rule this a tie!
Yesterday, I promised cynicism, but he's bowed out for the evening. Lovely break.
Also, without Christmas presents, there would not be precious moments like this. (My grandpa with his mask from Korea I gave him last year) Ah, family fun!

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