Friday, May 20, 2011

An Evolutionary Soundtrack for the Apocalypse

So, via Studio 360 I have discovered that hipster magazine, L.A. Record is collecting soundtracks to the apocalypse (happening already tomorrow, you know!) from its readers. Here is my list. You may notice an evolutionary story unfolding from it, seeing as how if this actually is the apocalypse, we should move from mockery and despair to hope. Um...I'm kinda of betting on being around on Sunday, though. (Actually, I'm thinking that if I'm around on Sunday, the only song necessary will be American Idiot, by Green Day. That Camping fellow is American, yes?) Comment with the songs you would play!

  1. Auto Rock-Mogwai (Because you need an epic intro)
  2. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It-REM (Obvious, isn't it?)
  3. The Angel of Death Came to David’s Room-mewithoutYou
  4. Apocalypse Now- Squad Five-0 (This song is impossible to find on the net. Apparently it didn't survive to the technological age. How very punk rock of it.)
  5. Hard Rock Hallelujah-Lordi (It's the aROCKalypse!)
  6. I Think I’m Going To Hell-My Morning Jacket
  7. The Battle of Evermore-Led Zeppelin
  8. Goodbye, Cruel World-Pink Floyd
  9. Greet Death-Explosions in the Sky
  10. Death Will Never Conquer-Coldplay
  11. Are You The One I’ve Been Waiting For?-Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  12. Come All Ye Weary-Thrice
  13. Blackbird-The Beatles
  14. When The Man Comes Around-Johnny Cash
  15. Sorrow-Bad Religion (Jon Foreman of Switchfoot does a nice version as well.)
  16. Here Comes The Sun-The Beatles
  17. Daylight-Brave Saint Saturn (This generally stands as my all time favorite song.)
  18. Where The Streets Have No Name-U2
  19. Glosoli-Sigur Ros (Because I imaging just standing in awe upon arrival)
  20. Amazing Grace-Dropkick Murphys (Because after the awe wears off a bit, you realize it's a party and if Heaven's a party, I picture it more like this than harps and togas)
Or just click here for the whole youtube playlist. Enjoy your remaining hours on earth. Catch ya' know, wherever.

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