Monday, May 2, 2011

Werewolves, Rockstars, and Wild Flowers

I saw Mogwai on Saturday night. As expected, I stood enraptured, soaking in the beauty of the music and the unison of bobbing heads. While they were playing, I'm guessing because of the magnitude of the show, I wondered if it was a strange fact that I wanted to pick them wild flowers. I decided it wasn't (with the help of some friends, old and new.) The fellows of Mogwai seem to be the sort of chaps that would enjoy some wild flowers in their touring outfit. I could be wrong. They could laugh in the face of those who would bring them flowers. But I don't think they would.
Also, during the show, I decided that if there happens to be a bright and/or white tunnel to whatever happens to be heaven, Mogwai would be playing during the procession. (Sigur Ros would be perhaps an acceptable alternative.) Shortly after thinking this, they played my favorite song from their new album, with the video for the song (which I hadn't yet seen) on the screen above them. The end of the video made me think my decision was correct...and consequently, made me smile and very very happy. Then again, just seeing and attempting to absorb Mogwai made me very very happy. Here is that video. Soak it up.

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