Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oi Unelmiin (oh in dreams)

Oh Ariel,
If you knew what fate was to await you, would you still go?

Pining for a world not her own, Ariel reaches out and takes desperate measures to get to where her heart for which her heart yearns. Taking matters into her own hands, she trusts the sea-witch to give her her hearts desires. Devestation.

She loses her voice. Her father is turned into...something. (Does anyone know what those shrively things are, besides mermaids/men who couldn't pay thier debt to Ursula?) An all out battle ensues between Eric, Ursula, and a ship. It's utter chaos.

Forced to return to the sea, Ariel watches from afar; heart in one place, body in another.

Then, she's given a gift from her father. A good and perfect gift when he was ready to give it to her. When she was ready to recieve it.


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