Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trying to Enjoy the Journey

Encouraging words from my friend Vanessa:

Read your blog... Oh, Melisa, your words echo what so many of us have in our hearts (including me) as we all wait upon God for something. I will pray for you, my friend. God knows what's coming, and I say this to you in my OWN pain of waiting, that God works all these things together for good. It's a strange thing to be in the midst of the tapestry he's making - heck, that's a lot of bending of yarn, poking, stretching, changing - but it's making something beautiful. Just trust Him in the process. He knows what is in your heart because He put it there, but you've got to trust Hs way of fulfilling it, and take it one step at a time. You're an amazing woman, Mel, and God knows it. Trust Him to bring you to that place of fulfillment and don't despise the journey. And I will be praying for that miracle for you! Love you!

Words I want to reflect on, for they are good and encouraging. (Vanessa is always really good at giving me words as such.) How easily and often I forget that all this stretching, pulling, poking, and changing is for good...and from a God who is Ultimate Good. I wrestle so much with the things that are in my heart...all this pulling from within. It's such a refreshing reminder that God is in all these things, as he is in me. Such a blessing to be reminded that God knows what's in my heart because he formed me and placed dreams and desires within me.
"Don't despise the journey," she says. I'm so short sighted. All I see are boxes, holding me in. When, instead, I'm on a road. A road that is windy, bumpy, mountainous, treacherous, and beautiful. The Lord leads me. I just much be on the part of the road that's curving up the mountain side. Steep cliffs dropping sharply next to me on this narrow winding road. A curve so sharp I can't see where it's going. Fortunately, like the Sherpa's leading the adventurous up Everest, so my Lord leads me, slow and steady, all the while asking me to trust Him. What other choice do I have?

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