Saturday, January 8, 2011

By the Power of Grey Skull!!

Now that I live in the basement of my friends house, I have pretty much unlimited channels on that silly little box known as the television. Between that and Netflix, I spend far more time staring at screens than I ought. But how can I resist seeing which house the California couple will choose in Madrid on House Hunter's International? (It always cracks me up to watch Americans on that show, as they generally have outlandish housing expectations.)

Anyway, the other night, I made an amazing discovery while channel surfing. It seems with such an extraordinary number of channels, they have enough space to spare time slots for several of my favorite childhood shows. I have to tell you I kinda of geeked out when I discovered He-Man and She-Ra were on the other night. (Just a few clicks away was a channel home to both Doogie Howser and The Wonder Years....further geeking ensued.) Of course, I had to watch and relive my childhood. Sadly, I had no cereal to enjoy during these epic cartoons. As I was watching, I remembered in high school there was an article in the school paper that really aggravated me about these wonderful childhood cartoons. It's author, whoever (s)he was, had the audacity to suggest that He-Man and She-Ra should have "hooked up." I understand now that they were just following in the footsteps of the countless other irresponsible journalists. Who needs fact checking any how? But still, a decade too late, to that author I reply:
Um, HELLLOOOO?! He-Man and She-Ra hooking up?! That's so illegal. They're brother and sister!!! Twins, no less! Really, where were you during the 80's? Yes, we were children, but even children aren't dumb as rocks! I say, if you feel the need to write about such cherished memories of mine, please be careful to do them proper justice.
Thank You.
And in case you need proof, here's the fabulous (most like cocaine induced) intro to one of the greatest cartoons of all time.

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