Thursday, January 6, 2011

A New Year

So then, a new year has arrived at last. It is most welcome.
Five days gone already, in fact.
The time...she goes! So quickly!

Quite often, I'd reflect on the last year, but my desire to revisit 2010 is so slim it would fall through the hairline cracks of the sidewalk.
Instead, here is a picture encompassing my hopes for 2011. (including the foreshadowing of lots and lots of time spent in one of my favoritest of places...a book store)

With a new year comes new hope....and new words.
So many words.
To be read.
To be written.
To describe and define, and maybe even to share

Blessings in 2011. :)

Feel free to peruse my photo documentation of the first 5 days of 2011 here.

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