Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baltimore Bound Birthday Blog (in flight!)

OK, so since I wrote what you'll read below, I've landed in Baltimore, eaten a delicious Thai dinner (yes, two nights in a row, thank you) complete with Singha,  enjoyed a homemade birthday cake, and thoroughly enjoyed time with one of my oldest friends. However, on the flight from Chicago to Baltimore, I wrote the following:

This is my first ever inflight blog. I’m somewhere between Chicago and Baltimore at the moment. Granted, this won’t be posted while in the air, as the wi-fi on this particular aircraft is broken, and I’m too cheap to pay for it anyway. None the less, it’s still rather exciting for me to be typing away at 37,000 feet. I’m easily amused.
Anyway, I think it’s going to be a good vacation. There have been a few little things that have occurred in my time leading up to this East Coast venture. I’m visiting my friend Skye, who’s been one of my closest friends since second grade. I timed my trip just right that our other good friend Cindy will also be on the East Coast visiting family. She’s been in New Jersey and New York for a few days, and will come meet us in Baltimore on Friday. Then the three of us will head down to DC for some touristy activities. Smithsonian’s particularly. We’ll cruise around DC on Saturday as well, and then Saturday evening is the event I’m perhaps most looking forward to. Here we find another little occurrence falling into place which makes me think this vacation will have me smiling. See, just before I booked my flight back in February, I was super excited to learn that John Mark McMillan was going to be playing in DC during my time there. Then, the day I bought my plane tickets, the show sold out. I tried not to be too bummed. Well, two weeks ago, as I was looking on his website to debate attending a different East Coast show, I noticed there were no longer large red capital letters spelling “SOLD OUT” across the DC line. I was perplexed, and slightly hopeful. I happen to “like” John Mark on facebook, so I posted on his wall, asking what the deal was. Was the show sold out or not? Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a response, but to my surprise, the next morning he’d commented on my post. They opened up a larger room at the venue and the show was no longer sold out. HOORAY!! So I promptly bought 3 tickets for Skye, Cindy, and I to avoid any further bummedness of a sold out show.  I eagerly look forward to belting out, along with the crowd, pretty much every single song lyric that night…save the new songs, I guess. He’s been working on a few I think.
Yesterday, I made it to safely to Minneapolis after working the night shift. Upon arrival,  I bought a new pair of TOMS thanks to my aunt and my grandpa (two of my most favorite people). My old TOMS have a hole in the toe as I wore them rather excessively. Exclusively even.  I bolted out of the Mall of America as it was far too beautiful outside to be burdened with roofs and stuffy recycled air and I made my way north to St. Paul where I happened to know of a lovely Finnish Bistro. While devoid of Karelian Pies (sadly, next to impossible to find in the US) I did enjoy some pulla (Finnish desert bread) and a cup of coffee while sitting outside, absorbing the warmth of the sun on my back. And consequently, my feet as my new shoes are black and thus sun soaker uppers. I ended the evening with a tasty brew and the spiciest Thai food I’ve ever eaten (including in Thailand) while watching a chick flick at my friend Cindy’s. Yes, that’s right, the same Cindy who is currently on the East Coast and will share the joys of it with me in two days’ time. Trusty folks, we mid-westerners are. J
I woke early this morning and enjoyed coffee and a blueberry scone just across from the bus stop. After a short bus ride and short light rail ride, I arrived at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. I wanted to arrive with plenty of time to spare, as I’ve heard things are even more inconvenient these days than ever.  I should have slept in. Despite rumors of huge pains in the ass and heightened security measures, never in my life has it been easier or speedier getting through the airport. From the time I stepped off the light rail at the door of terminal two, I was checked in and through security in under 15 minutes. I walked right up to the check in counter without waiting for a single other passenger. Perhaps that gaping hole in the roof of last week’s Southwest flight deterred a lot of folks, though the flight I’m currently on is full. Yay for middle seats! Ugh. Anyway, it felt like some strange apocalyptic scene or alternate universe, the great empty airport. Nevertheless, I made it to Chicago sans holes in the roof or landing on the island of Jack Sheppard. I had a two hour layover in Chicago’s midway, so I treated myself to a lunch of overpriced pizza and Blue Moon given that I was on vacation and it was my birthday.
When I boarded my flight 1476, I made way to an empty seat toward the back. Walking through the aisle, I noticed a flight attendant with glittery purple crazy shaped glasses, purple feathered boa, and a shiny and pointed purple hat that said “Birthday Girl.” I smiled. It gave me an idea. Though the chances o were slim, I thought, hmm, maybe they’ll give me a free beer since it’s my birthday. HA! As “Birthday Girl” came around to take drink orders, I smirked and asked, “So, do I get a free beer since it’s my birthday too?” She gave a kind of sly grin and just asked, “What kind do you want?” The selection was small, but a free beer, a free anything on an airline, was too great to pass up, so I ordered a Heineken, which I’m sipping now as I hammer away at the keys. Oh, we’re descending already! Three cheers for Baltimore! Off with the electronics! I don’t want to single handedly crash this bird. J

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