Saturday, April 2, 2011

Short Story One- The Runner

I wrote a story several years ago, not for a writing class, but a theology class. Now, as I'm working on compiling and sorting out my writing, I revisited the story. In this re-visitation, it became quite clear to me that it was not complete.
This could simply be because as I've aged and have continued to developed my writing, I am able to see ways in which my writing can and should be strengthened. It also could be because, last year round this time, I wrote something that in the back of my mind, served as a sort of sequel to the afore mentioned piece. And as it turned out, there was more to the story. (There often is, isn't there?)

I had set up a separate page here in which I planned to post some of my short stories. However, upon further review, it seems that I can't make multiple posts on the other pages. At least, I haven't found a way which allows me being completely un-tech savvy to do so. So, I've started posting them on If I post one there, I'll make a link here.

I posted the first part of the story as I was revisiting it. Since it once was a stand alone piece, I'll post it. I'll post the second part soon.

Here it is. The Runner

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