Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Coffee List

On an old blog, I posted a list of people I want to sit down and have coffee list. I wanted to refresh my memory, so I'm posting it again here, with some updated names, which requires the absence of space and time contraints.

CS Lewis
Kathleen Norris
Alex Trebek
Jane Goodall
Krista Tippett
Anne Lamott
Samantha Brown
Anthony Bourdain
Chris Martin
Derek Webb
Shane Claiborne
Greg Graffin
Christopher Moore
Aaron Wiess (of mewithoutYou)
John Mark McMillan
The folks in charge of Iowa's Writing Workshop
Jonsi and the Sigur Ros kids
Martin Luther
Rainer Maria Rilke
Jesus (Ok, I debated putting him on the list, because it seems so cliche' and obvious, but hey, I wouldn't turn down a cup of Joe for some face to face time to finally be able to "get it." "It" being stuff that he said and who he is. Or...maybe I would. Coffeetime with him may be more life altering than I would care for it to be.)
Donald Miller
Christopher McCandless (Into the Wild)
Conan O'Brien
Jeremy Enigk
Shane Claiborne

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