Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweet Dreams

What if our beds were portals to another world? Get your heads out of the gutter, I’m talking about dream worlds. I’ve been having super vivid dreams the past view nights. Dreams seeming more real and even more physical than dreams I’ve had before. I’ve had dreams that I’ve thought about throughout the day, but these stick with me just as real as yesterday. They hover over me like memories of a recent vacation. And honestly, that could be it. I’ve just returned from a vacation to the mighty northwest, and I drove back alone…over a thousand miles. I left at 9:30am Thursday morning and returned 11:30pm Friday night. So it’s quite possible that I’m still reeling from such a strenuous drive. Especially, because driving or needing to be getting on the road has been a substantial part of the dreams. But so vivid they are! I walk past my bed like it’s a door, waiting to whisk me away to this other place, often much more pleasant than the one I leave when I close my eyes and draw the covers over my head. It’s a sensation that leaves me both a bit leery and a bit excited. Leery, because, well, it’s a strange sensation to have such realistic dreams. Excited, because my dreams are warmer than reality.

I hope I don’t sound like a raving lunatic. (More than I usually do.) To clarify, I don’t actually think my bed and/or sleep is a portal which magically whisks me off to happyland. But it’s a fun idea. One I may flesh out into a story sometime, though I’m fairly certain it’s been done. But to that I say, “Meh!” I’ll probably do it anyway.
Sweet dreams and safe sleeping,


Also, after writing this, a certain song is stuck in my head. I imagine you can figure out what it is, but I thought I'd post the video for entertainment sake.

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